Academic facilities


Books are a treasure trove of knowledge & hold infinitesimal venues for the students to explore horizons. Hence our school library maintains one of the most comprehensive collection of books, journals, magazines etc for the students to learn from & provide them with the unique opportunity of dwelling into the same thought of the greatest authors of all times.

Our school library houses a fine set of reference, fiction & non-fiction books that caters to varying  reading levels of different age groups. Students are encouraged to make extensive use of the library for Project and reference work.


The state of the science lab at Laxmi Public School is a culmination of all necessary components of all 3 major branches of Science – Chemistry, Physics & Biology. The highly advanced and exquisite lab equipments that not only put the School at the centre of exploration but also provide an immense platform for the emerging young minds.

Middle level onwards our students are familiarized with apparatus and chemicals and start doing experiments independently under the expert guidance of trained teachers & lab assistants.


Computer education occupies a prominent space in the School Curriculum. Hence keeping this in mind our school computer lab is well equipped with latest machines and most upto date technology in hardware, software & networking, thus enabling our students to stay at the edge of the modern computing advancements.

Our school also provide a separate well equipped computer lab with most upto date technology for PRE PRIMARY and PRIMARY children. Since, computer being an integral part of our school curriculum the children are introduced to computers at grassroot level and are taken to computer lab frequently to make them computer savvy.