Awards & jubilations


Awards and accolades evoke a great sense of pride in our students and strengthen their bindings and loyalty towards the school. The School always feel proud in encouraging the efforts of the meritorious students for attaining excellence in the field of Academics, Co-curriculars, Sports, Music, Dance, Art & Craft etc. At various levels (Inter-House, Inter-School, Zonal, Inter-Zonal, National), the School always encourage the efforts of such students who have made a distinctive mark in the respective fields by bringing laurels to the school.


India is a land of different people having different cultures and showcasing unity in the diversity. The School believes in the same principle that the world is one big family and harmony between people and communities should be preserved for universal peace.
Instilling this quality, the school makes all sincere efforts to transform their children to explore the ingenious strength.
Festivals such as –
Holi, Diwali, Eid, Gurupurb, Christmas along with Parent-Teacher Orientation Programme, Cultural functions, Student felicitation Ceremonies, Annual Day are some of our special occasions and functions celebrated during the academic year.