The guidance and counseling of students is an integral component of the educational mission of the school. Guidance and counseling series and programs promote the social, educational and career development of all students. At Laxmi Public School, our teachers are the best counselors who are working excellently to fulfill the needs of our students with utmost care providing individual attention. Here, a teacher acts as a role model for students as teachers respect, love, care, instruct and guide our students to become a successful person. Time to time workshops are conducted by the school authorities and trained counselors come from outside and apply various counseling approaches such as – Art therapy, Play therapy, Drama therapy and Story – telling therapy for our children. Counseling on Stress Management and Team Building, Mental Health Issues have been taking place to improve the self esteem of our students.


Our School always ensures the safety and well being of its students and seeks to provide them with better medical facility. For this the school has its own medical room with well qualified nurse always ready to help children. First aid facility is immediately provided in case of minor hurt or injuries in school. In case of emergency, child is immediately taken to the nearby Hospital. The School also organizes yearly health camp and routine check up to ensure the student’s health.


Balanced diet ensure a high quality of life. So, a balanced diet is the foundation of good health and well being. Keeping in mind, the essential requirement of our children; Laxmi Public School cafeteria is provided with a variety of sumptuous meals focusing on ultimate hygiene.

A healthy balanced diet is vital in our daily life; fulfilling the necessities nutritions as well as delicious meals, snacks and beverages are provided to students in school cafeteria at affordable price.


A well-equipped, well ventilated spacious hall with good seating capacity where multifarious activities of the School such as Seminars, Exhibitions(Science & Art), Houses Competitions etc. are organized to groom the all-round development of the students.


“ A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul, a sick body is a prison.”

Our dream at Laxmi Public School is to see every student of ours grow up into a healthy successful individual, raring to go and eager to take up new challenges assured with confidence, compassion, honesty and justice.
To cater the needs of our children, Laxmi Public School provides playfield of the highest quality to students. As playing fields are an important part of the school estate. They are an essential resource and can help children adopt a more active lifestyle. At Laxmi Public School, our playfield is well constructed and well maintained having basket ball court, volley ball court, cricket pitch and skating ring.


Laxmi Public School provides a school transport service, ensuring that our children can get to school on time – and home again – with safety & comfort. We are having buses of our own & running successfully on the set Charted Routes for the Convenience of our Laxmites. Ensuring proper safety and convenience of our students, school has been given duty to teachers to accompany our children. We are having CNG buses with authorized Drivers and Conductors.


  1. Students can avail the school transport subject to availability of seats from any particular area. In case, the school transport is not available the parents will have to make their own arrangements.
  2. Routes charted by the school will not change and any request for the same will not be entertained.
  3. Transport fee is levied keeping the budget and all the overhead expenses in view and is the sole discretion of the management.
  4. Mid-Session withdrawal from use of transport will not be permitted under any circumstances. In case of withdrawal from the school transport, one month’s notice in writing must be given to the transport in-charge, failure to do so, one month fee will be charged.
  5. No student will be allowed to travel by school bus without his/her dispersal card.
  6. The bus drivers are authorized to stop the bus only at the designated stops. The bus will not wait for late comers.
  7. Students are expected to:
    a) Behave in a courteous manner. They will be penalized for unruly behavior or damages caused due to negligence and vandalism.
    b) Avoid throwing any trash/food inside or outside the bus.
    c) Be seated when the bus is in motion. No child is allowed to stand on the footboard.
    d) Follow the instructions of the teacher in-charge. He/she has the authority to report any offence to the Principal immediately.

Parents using private transport must ensure that:

  1. Parents who make independent transport arrangements for their ward by hiring vans/rickshaws etc. will be fully responsible for the same.
  2. They must ensure that proper verification of drivers, rickshaw pullers is done and all safety measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incident.
  3. The vehicle should be in good condition.
  4. Seating capacity should not exceed 10 in number.
  5. The authorized driver has at least 5 years of driving experience.
  6. The vehicle is not LPG operated.
  7. The telephone numbers co-parents should be kept by each parent using that vehicle.