Co-curricular activities are integral part of school curriculum which provides a platform for today’s student to express themselves fully.

At Laxmi Public School, we believe in motivating our students to top their talents, develop skills and work towards fuller life. For this the school provides apt ambience with the objective of making the academic session an enjoyable learning experience.

During the session multifarious activities such as – Inter House Competition, Group Song, Solo Song, Group Dance, Solo Dance, Extempore, Debate (Hindi & English), Poem Recitation(English & Hindi), Kite Making, Rangoli Making, Quiz, Salad Making, T-Shirt Painting, Diya & Candle Decoration, Bulletin Board Decoration etc. are conducted to make the entire session an eventful one.

The Schools aims to develop the multifaceted talent of each child by giving them an opportunity to aspire, act and achieve. We always strive for excellence.


Music is life and involvement  in music improves  student dexterity, condition, self esteem, thinking , listening skills, creative and personal expression. Music classes are a vital part of student academic achievement.

At Laxmi Public School, we encourage our children to express themselves fully, to be firmly rooted to their culture and heritage. Our prime focus is to channelize their energy according to their potential so as to  improve the quality of our students life as:
Music enhances learning as it helps in building attitude.


We believe in doing small things greatly and create our own world of pleasure. To create something new and exciting is the secret of a rich life. Laxmites don’t want to lay behind in any manner.
Western Music is a huge source of joy and capable to beat stress. Music and Dance enables our children to combat with present day stress and acts as an  energy booster – a true indicator of overall holistic development.

At Laxmi Public School, we aim to develop the multi-faceted talent of each child along with Indian music and folk dance learning. Our children also love to learn various dance forms such as – Hip-hop, Jazz, Disco, Swing dance, Salsa etc.  Hence enabling them in channelizing their energy by providing them the platform to express themselves fully.


At Laxmi Public School, students are provided with ample opportunities to develop their talents. Creativity is one of those worlds that is bursting with VITALITY. It is full of LIFE, full of PASSION and SPIRIT.
Being an important part of curriculum, Laxmites are given an opportunity to show case their hidden talents from time to time in the form of exhibitions and competitions. The consistent effort of the students and teachers is commendable who continuously works together in achieving  lofty standards of our school.

The school has a distinctive style of blending the traditional and the modern ideas  with the rich fabric of our cultural heritage on the basis of hardwork, dedication and sincerity.


Laxmi Public School seeks to produce future citizens of caliber who can face the challenges of a dynamic society. It simultaneously lay emphasis on holistic growth of students.

Yoga acts as a stress buster and gives relaxation, revitalization, correct posture, deep concentration to make our lives more disciplined.
Laxmites are taught yoga which is an integrated system of education for the body, mind, and inner spirit. The yoga environment and philosophy increase the training of mind to concentrate. Our students also practice this skill which improves their availability to read, write and perform exam well.

The various yoga asanas taught under the supervised guidance of trained yoga instructor keeps our children flexible and agile; giving them the confidence to tackle the day-to-day challenges of life.