Examination & promotion


The school year is divided into two terms.

(i) First Term            (April to September)

(ii) Second Term      (October to March)

As per the  guidelines of  C.B.S.E., the school follows a uniform pattern of continuous and comprehensive evaluation system of education for all  classes(which includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas) of learner.

Scholastic Areas include :

  • Languages
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Science

Co- Scholastic areas includes attributes such as life skills, attitudes and values, sports and games as well as Co-curricular activities.


Each student is  evaluated on the basis of the entire year’s performance, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work is essential.

The evaluation system has been broadly classified as follows:

Level 1 – Pre School & Pre Primary

Level 2 – Class I to III

Level 3 – Class IV & V

For Classes Pre School & Pre Primary – No formal examination will be held for these classes. Worksheets will be given at regular interval with no prior information to the parents.

For Classes I to III – To reduce the stress and strain of examination up to class III.  Short periodic assessment  or Cycle Test will be held for these classes as per schedule mentioned in the almanac.

For Class IV & V-  As class IV and V are the senior most classes of primary section, there will be one round of cycle test and one terminal exam at the end of each Term.

TERM – I (April – September) TERM – II (October – March) FINAL/TOTAL
FA 1 FA 2 SA 1
FA 3 FA 4 SA 2
FA 1 + FA 2 + FA 3 +FA 4 = 40%
10% 10% 30%
10% 10% 30%
SA 1 + SA 2 = 60%

Total : Formative Assessment FA 1+ FA 2+FA 3 + FA 4 = 40%
Summative Assessment SA1 + SA2 = 60%

For Classes  VI to X

Each term consist of  : Two Formative and One Summative Assessment

(i) Formative Assessment (FA)

Formative Assessment is carried out throughout the year formally and informally in a supportive environment.  Each FA consist one pen paper test and activity based assessment which is based on :

  • Life Skills
  • Attitude towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School Programme & Environment.
  • Health & Physical Education.
  • Participation and  Achievements in various Literary & Creative activities.

Summative Assessment (SA) :

SA is carried out at the end of each term

SA 1 – will be held in the month of September

SA 2 – will be held in the month of March

Evaluation  Pattern

FA 1 FA 2 SA 1
FA 3 FA 4 SA 2
FA1 + FA2 + FA3 + FA4 SA1 + SA2
40 40 90
40 40 90
10% 10% 30%
10% 10% 30%
40% 60%

Term – I  50%                                                          Term – II         50%                                                                                      CGPA

Formative Assessment

Assessment will be indicated in Grades which is based on Nine point Grading Scales as per  CBSE Guidelines.

91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
31-40 D
21-30 E1
11-20 E2

Student evaluated on the basis of personality traits and co-curricular activities comes under Life Skill. The students are assessed in four parts on a five point grading scale.

4.1-5 A
3.1-4 B
2.1-3 C
1.1-2 D
0.1-1 E

For Classes IX only – PSA will be conducted by CBSE in the school in the month of Jan/Feb.

For Class XI  – The session is  divided into two terms :

Term I (July to September) : Consist of one round of cycle test and half yearly examination at the end of the term.

Term II (October to March) : Consist of one round of  cycle test and final examination in the month of March.

  • Problem Solving Assessment  (PSA) exam is conducted in the month of January/February .
  • Students will get performance certificate on the basis of PSA exam which will be issued only by CBSE. The assessment of PSA will be indicated in  FA 4.  

For Class XII –

April to September : There will  be two round of cycle test and half yearly examination at the end of first term.

  • First Pre-board will be held in the month of December.
  • Second Pre-board exam  will be conducted in the month of January soon after the Winter Vacation.

Promotion Rules :

  1. Promotion is granted to students on the basis of his/her performance in cycle tests and terminal examinations.
  2. A minimum of 75% attendance is required  to sit in the Annual examination.
  3. No student will be allowed to sit in the examination without clearing His/Her dues, if any.
  4. It is  mandatory for all the students to appear in both  SA1 & SA 2 Examination.
  5. Student who remain absent during examination on medical ground or with prior information should be permitted for re-examination only on production of medical certificate issued by the doctor and with the due consent of the Principal.
  6. Candidates who has obtained grade E1 and E2 and less than 33%  (even in one subject) will be given another  chance to  improve their performance. These student will not be permitted to move on to the next level till they qualify Grade D (33%) and above in all subjects.
  7. Sports Students – Students representing in any Inter-school,  Inter Zone, Inter State Competition, National   Competition, exams will be conducted after the competition.

Promotion For Classes IX & X :

  1. Final result will be declared on the basis of cumulative assessment.
  2. For Promoting to next class, Student is  required to obtain atleast Grade – D in all the subjects (excluding  additional subject).
  3. Students  have to obtain atleast a  minimum of 25% marks in both SA1 and SA 2 examination.
  4.  SA 2 exam will be held  in the month of March; students who fail to obtain 33% marks will be given another chance for improvement, within one month from the time of declaration of final result.
  5. Grades secured by the students in class IX will be indicated in their Report Card of class X, issued by CBSE.

NOTE: For class IX (in all subjects) and class XI (Geography, Biology, Economics) Open Text Based Assessment  (OTBA) will be taken along with SA2 and final exams respectively.