Mrs Gupta always believes in good education. Egged on by her indomitable spirits she listened to her heart and opened a school for girls by the roadside in front of the JorBagh Nursery. She achieved this, despite of scant and negligible resources at her disposal.

Impressed by her remarkable and noble efforts a piece of land was allotted in the year 1951 and Vidya Bhawan School in Lodhi Road (New Delhi) came into existence. Along with the development of the school she continued to increase her professional and academic knowledge and managed to complete the degree of B.A., BT, double MA degree by 1973.

Being a visionary she did not rest on her laurels but gave wings to her dreams and imagination and as a result of her endless and tireless efforts – Laxmi Public School was born on January 19th, 1980 in Laxmi Nagar (with only six students and one teacher).

It is rightly said, “The Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. Mrs Gupta being courageous enough to take this first step and achieved her dream by establishing a reputed institution dedicated in imparting world class education and carving a niche for it self amongst the best schools in East Delhi.