School Assembly is an important feature in school life which creates a positive reflective ethos and promote school’s valuebased education. School assembly is conducted with the aim to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community.

Students acquire the knowledge through the culture and environment provided in the school. As our tradition to begin each day in the name of God and to remember the grace bestow on us. Our daily School Assembly begins with a prayer, thought of the day, daily news, and national anthem.

The School Assembly is conducted every day which not only highlights day-to-day agenda and activities of the School but also develop a sense of pride in the school and improve student relationship with their peer.

School Assemblies give students the opportunity to educate, learn and share their talent with the entire school outside the classroom. Topics related to real life issues prepares them to confront these issues and make right decision.

School Assemblies allow all grade level to gather and celebrate upcoming holidays and festivals in the form of Special Assemblies allowing students to enjoy festive holidays and celebration during the school day