1. Students should bring the Almanac to school every day.
  2. The student should affix his/her photograph, and fill in the required information, duly signed by the parent, in the space provided for the Almanac.
  3. Students must reach school on time at least five minutes before the first bell rings.
  4. The school uniform should be immaculate, clean and smart, and should be worn on all working days and school functions. In winters school blazer is compulsory.
  5. Name, class, section and admission number must be clearly marked on all the belonging of students. Blazers should also carry their name tags.
  6. Special care must be taken of all school property. Do not litter, use the garbage bins. Do not scratch the desks and chairs or break school furniture. Do not write or draw anything on the walls or damage things belongings to others.
  7. Damage or breakage done even accidently should reported to the class teacher. The students will be required to pay for any damage to school property. The school reserves the right to suspend/expel students whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the school.
  8. Students are not permitted to buy eatables from vendors outside the school premises.
  9. Students are not allowed to come to school in a self driven vehicle other than a bicycle. The bicycles must be parked at the proper place and should be locked.
  10. Students are not permitted to leave the school during the school time without prior permission of the Principal or the Headmistress.
  11. During the break time, students are expected to leave the class rooms and go to the play-ground.
  12. Students must move in orderly manner while moving from one place to another in the school premises.
  13. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments, expensive watches, cassettes, cameras, CD’s or mobile phones to school. If a student is found carrying any of the above, the same will be confiscated and the necessary action will be taken as per school rules.
  14. Children who comes late to school regularly will be sent back home after the warnings.
  15. Laxmities should observe polite standards wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them.
  16. Bullying and use of foul language is prohibited as per school rules.
  17. Mis-Behaviour, any objectionable behavior, dis-courtesy, dis-respect to the teacher’s will lead to strict disciplinary action against the student.


  1. It is compulsory for all students to achieve 75% attendance before every exam, to make them eligible for final examination.
  2. Students who have been sick should bring a medical certificate from their doctor at the time of re-joining the school.
  3. Parents should fill up the “Record for Non-Attendance” for each day the students is absent from school stating the reason for absence.
  4. A students who has been absent on the previous day will not be admitted to the class without an application from the parent addressed to the class teacher stating the reasons of the absence.
  5. Leave for going out of the station should be approved of, prior to going on leave.
  6. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school.
    • Chicken Pox          Till the scabs fall off completely.
    • Cholera                Till the child has recovered completely.
    • Measles                Two weeks after the rash disappears.
    • Mumps                 Until the swelling has gone
    • Whooping cough   Six weeks
    • Jaundice               Six weeks
  7. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only after a payment of Re-admission fee.
  8. Students who do not appear in First Term, Second Term, Examination due to illness or some unforeseen mishap, will not be eligible for the scholar badge or any proficiency awards.


The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary action.

  1. Disfiguring or damaging school property.
  2. Bunking classes during school.
  3. Use of verbal or physical violence in any form.
  4. Using abusive language.
  5. Creating disturbance/shouting in between the periods.
  6. Loitering aimlessly in corridors or ground during regular teaching periods.
  7. Writing on toilet walls will be viewed seriously.
  8. Harming/Hurting: Person/Self.
  9. Damaging, scribbling or tearing pages from library books.
  10. Writing on shirts/uniforms
  11. Carrying expensive items (watches, Cameras, mobiles, Jewelry etc. )
  12. Bringing sharp objects (Knife Scissors, Cutters etc.)
  13. If a student is carrying money in excess for purchasing something from the uniform-shop or book-shop, it should be intimated to the class teacher.
  14. Students will be issued a Yellow card for missing classes, reporting late to class, constantly interrupting the teaching process and indulging in rude and unacceptable behavior in class or in the school premises. Issue of two yellow cards will lead to immediate suspension.
  15. Indulging in immoral activities rowdy & violent behavior will lead to strict disciplinary action.